Our lives have been touched forever from the experiences we’ve had while doing foster care. We specialize in kittens and cats. Kittens as young as newborns and cats who need a vacation for the shelter. We have also had a few mom cats deliver their babies in the comfort of our home. One of them delivered her babies right beside Colleen on the couch practically on her lap as she didn't want to leave her side during her labor.

We’ve also had very sick kittens that required lots of hands-on care to get them back to being healthy, then get them ready for adoption. Fostering animals can be a pretty intense job, but it is so rewarding.

We are proud to admit that we are Foster Failures! A joke to describe a foster animal that eventually becomes a permanent family pet. Two of our cats (Oreo + Harvey) who are brothers, came to us from the shelter and were hand-raised by us from just five days old. (see picture above) We woke up to feed them every two hours around the clock day and night! Instead of saying a bittersweet goodbye we decided to add them to our family. Our household has four cats in total. Their names are Jagger, Arthur, Oreo & Harvey. We also have a beautiful, loving Bernese mountain dog named Monty. Everyone gets along great!

We have learned so much along this foster parent journey and absolutely love doing it! Our goal is to get more people involved and excited about foster care. 

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