Our Services

We are on a mission to help animal organizations with innovative systems free of charge by:


  • offering a process to help increase adoption rates

  • providing a system that greatly supports foster programs & foster parents

  • increasing the number of foster parents in a foster program with our recruiting tool

  • donating a percentage of our profits to non-profit animal organizations

  • all services & systems we provide to organizations & foster parents are free of charge

One of the innovative services we provide is called "The Penny Process". This process will help shelters with fearful animals that do not present well in a cage or kennel.  They are the animals who are stressed or scared in the shelter environment but are very different when in a more natural environment. Our process shows potential adopters the animal's true personality giving them a better chance to be adopted.

We are also aiming to increase the number of foster care providers as well as supporting existing foster parents through our Free Mobile App.  The app is extremely helpful and easy to use making being a foster parent fun and stress-free. Foster parents feel more organized and confident while caring for their animals. The app sends the foster parent reminders of tasks such as giving medications or feedings. The app also sends details back to their shelter automatically in real-time such as weight, wellness, pictures etc.

The free mobile app is not just for foster animals but is also for Pet Owners too. It helps pet owners keep track of all their pet's records, health & needs such as vaccinations, medications, appointments and much more.


Opening Cages has a goal to help animals all around the world in the shelter system by

Helping Shelters One Cage at a Time!


Our lives have been touched forever from the experiences .....


We provide support to new foster parents, existing .....


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